Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today was another pretty casual day. The weather was a lot cooler than a typical Summer day, so I was able to bring out my favorite pair of ripped jeans! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I've had these jeans for years, and I just can't remember where I bought them. However, I was looking through Forever 21's website and they have a HUGE selection of distressed denim for extremely affordable prices. All my denim loving ladies can go check them out here!
As for my shoes, I decided to go for some cute booties I got from Dr. Jays to kind of dress up the look a bit. What about that bag you ask? I got my black and gold tote from eBay for less than $40! I know some people might be against eBay, but I strongly suggest you give it a try because you will run into some GREAT finds. Lastly, I got my graphic tee from Forever 21. This tee is one of my favorites because of the distressing. It adds just the right amount of edginess without being too revealing.


xo, Lisette

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